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The opera painted by the Maestro on the terracotta tiles, created at the CERAMU’ ceramic art laboratory, depicting various subjects and the word PEACE in 60 different languages, is intended to be a contribution to the spreading of the message of world peace against any type of war.
The work traces mankind’s relationship with weapons to date, by portraying various types of weaponry and torture instruments that man has in various periods of history.
One section of the opera recalls, with dates and references, the sad story of Nazism and concentration camps.

A short biography of Maestro Bruno Canova:

Bruno Canova was born in Bologna in 1925. During the late 1940s, he studied graphic design at the "Convitti Rinascita" school, where he had as instructors Albe Steiner, Max Huber, Lucio Lombardo Radice and many other prominent figures of Italian culture at that time. Canova made his debut in Czechoslovakia in 1949 in an Italian graphic design exhibition.
From 1960, he regularly visited Ravello where he curated an exhibition of his personal works, and where he created many of them.
Currently to his credit, there are more than 60 personal exhibitions, among which is that of 1975 at Villa Pignatelli in Naples, that of 1976 at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, that of 1993 at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome - this particular show is promoted by the Centro Studi Corrado Alvaro
Canova participated in the Quadriennale di Roma in 1965 and in 1986.
In 1964 he won the Premio Suzzara.
In 1980 he was chosen by Dario Micacchi in the National Bolaffi Catalogue of Graphic Design. His works are conserved in many public collections, including the Modern Art Gallery in Bologna, the National Gallery of Modern Art in San Marino, the Puskin Museum Graphic Design Council in Moscow.
In addition to being a painter, Bruno Canova had a long career as an engraver (particularly in the field of etching), which includes more than 300 plates. There is a large anthological exhibition being prepared of Bruno Canova’s graphic design works, which will include a large collection of his engravings.



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